September 12, 2021

Varieties for a good night’s sleep

By admin

Sometimes you lie in a comfortable bed at night and can’t sleep a wink. Different thoughts and worries swirl in your head, you want to sleep, and at the same time it’s just impossible to fall asleep. If you recognize yourself now, you know that you are not alone in this problem, because according to statistics insomnia affects about 30% of people on the planet!

Studies on the effects of THC on the body have shown its ability to affect sleep. Specifically, cannabis helps to get rid of problems with both falling asleep and sleeping in general.

How Cannabis Affects Sleep:
Using cannabis helps you fall asleep more easily. It’s important to be moderate here, as too high a dose of THC can cause the opposite effect.
Using cannabis will make you sleep longer and more soundly. Finding your dosage is also important so you don’t feel “broken” in the morning.
Using cannabis lengthens the deep sleep phase. This will allow you to recover faster.
Using cannabis reduces the short sleep phase.
Using cannabis helps normalize sleep breathing and thus help people who suffer from apnea.
So what varieties of marijuana give a sleeping effect. Almost all plants whose genetics are dominated by indica are said to be able to soothe and give a measured and prolonged sleep.

Connoisseurs recommend trying the following varieties for a good night’s sleep:
Big Bang by Green House Seeds has medicinal qualities and is sold in Dutch pharmacies as an insomnia remedy and as a painkiller. The percentage of THC is about 13% and CBD is 1.5%.
Sensi Star Paradise Seeds is considered one of the strongest indica varieties, capable of immobilizing and putting anyone to sleep.
Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s Seeds has a pronounced knockout effect, with a THC concentration of up to 25%.
Cheese by Green House Seeds will surprise you with its pleasant cheese and spice flavor and its pronounced ability to put you to sleep.

The effect of indica plants will be more potent if you keep them in color a little longer. Strong medicinal strains with a high percentage of THC and CBD and a dominant indica are ideal for sleep-deprived individuals. We’ve already talked about the other medicinal properties of cannabis.

However, as with any medicine, you should not abuse this natural remedy. Prolonged intake of medical cannabis is addictive. And when the medicine runs out, it will be very difficult to fall asleep without it.