October 12, 2021

Kush family

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The Kush family and massachusetts medical card is native to the famous Hindu Kush mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This region is not only famous all over the world as the scene of endless battles, but also as the place where the best seeds of cannabis have been grown for centuries.

The genetics which became legendary

A close up of a young male marijuana plant.

Kush cannabis has unique genetics that are highly regarded in the canna community. Originally, the differences of marijuana grown on the slopes of the Hindu Kush were determined by favorable growing conditions, a warm climate, and fertile soil. Over the centuries, natural and artificial selection processes have taken place here, which have made Kush seeds so attractive to growers, breeders and lovers of premium ganja.

Kush marijuana has its own distinctive characteristics that have made this cannabis incredibly popular:

Low growth and abundant branching;
High resinousness, dense leaves and expressive cones;
A very rich earthy-pine aroma combined with sour lemon and woody notes;
Short flowering period, allowing bushes to grow even in cool latitudes;
Strong potency and long-lasting effects that break all possible records;
A physical stone effect that literally knocks you off your feet and gives you all-pervasive bodily relaxation. This cannabis has excellent medicinal potential.
Professional cultivation of Kush varieties
The professional breeding of new varieties, based on traditional genetic lines growing on the slopes of the Hindu Kush, began in the seventies. That was the time when many hippie enthusiasts streamed into the region as part of the Hippie Trail. Representatives of the hippie subculture brought to Europe and America unique cannabis seeds harvested on the slopes of the mountain, which were fundamentally different from anything the canna community had seen before.

That’s how the world got to know what Kush cannabis was – since then, perceptions of the properties of recreational marijuana around the world have changed dramatically. Whereas it used to be difficult for growers to imagine how to grow marijuana at home, with the advent of Kush cannabis varieties – it has become more and more practiced because it allows for luxurious results with the right care. The genetics of Kush became the basis for a myriad of varieties which are now legendary.

Kush in Europe: Cannabis Cup

Leaf undersides. ~ 1.5 x 1″.

Since the 80’s up to now Kush varieties with dominant genetics have been very successful in the prestigious HTCC competition which takes place every year in Amsterdam. Kush varieties win in the indica category so often that breeders have long since figured out the formula for the success of their new marijuana. It must have Kush genes in its genetics!

Many Hindu Kush variety names have become so popular that every self-respecting producer feels obliged to develop their own version. Some examples are White Widow, AK-47 and Sensi Star.

Kush varieties in California
Kush seeds are particularly popular in Southern California. The number of varieties which are based on this genetics number in the hundreds! There are medical dispensaries here that grow Kush marijuana for medical purposes.

Varieties grown on the ocean coast have a special name OG Kush – “Ocean Grown”, but the true origin of this cannabis is carefully hidden behind various legends. For example, according to one of them, the genetics of OG first appeared in the United States thanks to the popular Chemdawg clone. But – is it true or not, we can only guess, and it is unlikely now to know how it really was.

Today, when many states have legalized the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes, the popularity of Kush seeds has skyrocketed! That said, the very notion of Kush genetics as originating originally from the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains is beginning to slowly erode. But – true connoisseurs of quality cannabis would never confuse traditional Kush varieties with anything else!