September 12, 2021

Hemp Beer

By admin

The question “which is more harmful: beer or cannabis?” has long been on the minds of scientists and everyday people. This is not surprising, because both beer and marijuana first appeared on the table/mug/joint many centuries ago. Although, to be quite frank, we can think of Socrates. The ancient Greek said that any substance can be both a medicine and a poison – it all depends on the measure. Hence the conclusion – do not abuse, and you will be happy.

Some interesting facts from history

In Germany, hemp beer couldn’t be called that until the year 2000. This was due to the purity law Rheinheitsgebot, in which the ingredients for beer were strictly regulated. At the turn of the century, however, the Germans got crafty with laws regarding products made in neighboring Switzerland. According to these laws, a product transported into Germany could not change its name. The enterprising businessmen brewed their hemp beer a few kilometers from the border and voila! The product quickly became famous because everyone wanted hemp beer.

An example of how badly misguided people are about cannabis is the story of Stefan Wendt’s interaction with the United States. The owner of Turn Brewery in not too distant 2013 told us that the U.S. saw no difference between technical cannabis and marijuana. Neither clothes nor any other product had a right to exist. They created a special beer for Americans with oil squeezed from cannabis seeds. The drink had a horrible taste and a nasty oily film.

Incidentally, cannabis beer became much tastier because of a small Canadian company. It was they who created the new recipe that brewers all over the world fought over. Before this magic moment, the plant extract containing cannabinoids was used as an ingredient. The oily and bitter substance was ruining the taste of the beer, and we had to mask everything with sugar. The Toronto producer took the barley used to make the malt and replaced it with marijuana. Leaves, twigs, etc. were used. They also added hops and water. The result is a kind of almost non-alcoholic drink with 6.5 mg THC. The team has been working on this great flavor for 1.5 years. The innovation has received the most enthusiastic support. For 2018, the Canadians privately raised more than C$30 million for their brewers.

Alcohol Vs Hemp

Those who say alcohol companies are against cannabis because it can take away customers are wrong. Today, the real alcohol giants are teaming up with Canadians. In 2018, Corona Constellation Brands, maker of the famous beer, invested more than $5 billion in Canadian medical cannabis company Canopy Growth. Another beer leader producing Miller and Coors has teamed up with The Hydropothecary Corporation. A sweet soda with THC in California is produced by Heineken. The drink is called Hi-Fi Hops.

Very important, cannabis beer and cannabis beer are completely different brewing techniques. To avoid agonizing over which is tastier/flavorful/better, we suggest brewing it yourself.

Recipes for hemp beer

You will need:

A large pot.
Nylon bag.
Malt – 3 tbsp. Grain can be anything: rye, barley, wheat.
Sugar – 2 tbsp.
Hops – 30 gr.
Hemp cones – 30 gr. You can take 100 g of leaves, but the taste will be different.
Water – 4 liters.
To prepare the malt you need to germinate the grain, dry and grind.

Important: Hops are sold in brewing kits freely. You can also buy them in a pharmacy. Carefully study the color of the cones. They should be yellow-green. If reddish – overripe, if grayish – not ripe.

Grind the malt with the hop cones and cannabis. Put the mixture into a nylon bag and drop it into a pan with water, in which sugar has already been added. Now you need to put on the fire and cook for 1,5-2 hours. The temperature should be 70 0C. That is, the liquid will languish on the stove.

When the future beer cools to room temperature, add the yeast and wait until it sinks to the bottom. Pour the liquid into bottles and leave in a dark place. In 3-4 days the beer is ready to drink.

For those who experience a shortage of the most important raw materials, you can offer an economical option. Make a tincture of marijuana in alcohol and add it to the beer after brewing. Pure alcohol dissolves THC better than water when brewed, so the beer will have a stronger effect. However, to experience the real taste of hemp beer, follow our recipe.

Important! The consequence of consuming cannabis with beer is an increase in the potency of cannabis. Research by Scott Lucas from Harvard Medical School in 2001 showed that when cannabis was consumed first and then alcohol in large doses, the effect was faster and more powerful.